19-year-old Keystone resident dies in shooting incident


19-year-old Ty Scott, of Keystone, has been identified as the person fatally shot last night.

He was a 2017 graduate of Hill City High School.

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office responded to an emergency call of a subject with a gunshot wound in the 400 block of 1st Street in Keystone at 8:13 p.m.  When they arrived the victim was deceased.

Maxton Pfeiffer, 18, was arrested and charged with first degree manslaughter. He was booked into the Pennington County Jail early Thursday morning. He will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning.

Facts of the incident are still unclear. The report from the Pennington County Sheriff’s Officer states that it is an ongoing investigation. The case has been referred to the Pennington County States Attorney’s Office. Detectives from the Rapid City Police Department and Investigators from the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office are handling the investigation.

Sandi McLain, of Big Thunder Gold Mine, was hesitant to give a lot of information out on the morning of June 14 as the person who was shot was a good friend of hers.

Many of her employees filled in her about the events of the night of June 13.

McLain didn’t know the shooter.

She said the thought of the shooter was that the chamber of a gun was empty.

It was an unfortunate incident. She also told the Hill City Prevailer that it was something that shouldn’t have happened as the were just messing around.

McLain said the police were still talking to people up to 10:30 p.m. The investigation lasted up to two and a half hours.

According to Facebook reports, there is a reception being planned after a funeral service. Anyone who wants to prepare something for that can let Cassandra at City Hall know. Contact her at 666-4827.

Robin Scott, director of the Keystone Library, was the victim’s mother. The Keystone library in the Keystone Community Center will be closed until further notice.


  1. Sandi McLain knows nothing of the actual events of that evening. She is speaking off what she thinks happened… as usual she is getting involved in anything she can. We don’t need her opinions.

  2. Robin, I am just sick about this. I know everyone says this, but later, if you ever want to talk, call me. I understand about losing a child. This is not supposed to happen. Much love, Susan Salway

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