A new deputy in town

By Gray Hughes


Hill City has a new sheriff deputy in town.

At the last Hill City Common Council meeting on Dec. 10, Deputy Josh Kunde of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office was introduced to the town.

Kunde is taking over the position previously held by Deputy J. Marcus Isakson, who recently became the school resource officer in the Hill City School District.

Deputy Kunde sat down with the Hill City Prevailer News recently to share some information about himself.

“I am from Rapid City, born and raised there,” he said. “I have been with the sheriff’s office for five years, started off with corrections, was there for about 15 months, transferred over to patrol and I have been there since. I was based out of Rapid City up until two weeks ago when I came up here.”

What attracted him to Hill City, he said, was the trees, the people and the small, closely knit community found in Hill City, he said.

Since he has been patroling Hill City for only a couple of days now, he has not gotten the chance to meet too many people, but the people he has met have been very welcoming, he said, which he described as a great attribute about Hill City and the people who call Hill City home.

“So I am very thankful for that,” he said.

Kunde said he loves the outdoors, especially fishing and hunting, so being in an area like Hill City where people can do that often was attractive and part of the reason why he decided to transfer to Hill City from Rapid City.

Deputy-wise, he said even though he has only been on the job for five years, he still has a lot of experience even though Hill Ciy is new to him.

“I like the aspect of the knit and grit and people being together kind of like the military,” he said of what attracted him to the sheriff’s office. “I like to do stuff like that.”

Kunde said he is approachable. If anyone has any issue, they can come up to him, he said, and he will take care of them.

And people can get a hold of him if they need him, he said.

“They can get us through dispatch,” he said. “Also, I believe from talking to the other deputies here in the area that a lot of people have our personal contact information, our cellphones, up here in Hill City, so I can be reached either through dispatch or through the cellphone.”