A pair of bridges still closed in Keystone

STILL CLOSED — Two bridges on Roy Street in Keystone remain closed pending inspection of the bridges. The inspections are required after the bridges were possibly affected by last month’s flooding. [PN Photo/LESLIE SILVERMAN]

Two Roy Street bridges in Keystone are still closed it was learned at the most recent Keystone Town Board meeting.

“I can’t do anything until you guys do a resolution. If something should happen, the DOT will have you guys pay the full brunt of it,” said town engineer Allan Drews.

It will cost the town $2,090.57 to inspect both bridges through the Bridge Inspection Program. The town passed a bridge reinspection program resolution after the May flood.

“It’s gonna be more of a regular inspection, but it’s just based solely for flood stages. If something did particularly change, then we’d have to close that. If both of them look fine and nothing is wrong, I’ll let you guys know that,” Drews said.

The inspection will likely occur in the next  two weeks pending DOT approval.

The town board approved an audit of the Keystone Chamber of Commerce. The chamber has unpaid accounts  amounting to $35,185.81 and paid accounts totaling $12,318. The chamber had expected to receive $25,000 in membership contributions in 2019 but will likely miss its target. It is unclear whether the chamber approved a 2019 budget. The audit will begin in late summer or early fall and will be done by Casey Peterson.

Trustee Sandi McLain is concerned with the recent handling of the flooding in Keystone by the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office.

“There was a press release issued by the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. And per the press release, it said all the roads are closed to Keystone,” she said. “We have still been taking calls on that from various businesses and they’re asking, ‘Are your roads closed? and, ‘Are you still open?’ It wasn’t accurate. Not all roads were closed to Keystone. We need to know the procedure how press releases are done. I think it affected our sales tax revenue.”

The board discussed how it could enact a procedure to let the public know when roads are reopened and it’s safe to travel in Keystone.

“It sucks. I lost four days of revenue at a time when I couldn’t afford to. But when I sent those guests away I sent them away knowing the water could come across that bridge at any time,” said business owner Tammy Hunsaker.

No action was taken on this matter.

The board approved a reimbursable expenditure of $13,205.74 to put a new flow meter in the lift station at the sewer plant. The project has a completion date of Aug. 31.

The town collected $318 in the first two days of implementing paid parking at the state lot.

“We’re gonna have Cassandra and Candace go down every day so we have two people,” said Kwinn Neff, board trustee.

Rick Brandfas, town board president, will take over that role on the weekends.

The second reading to dissolve the Keystone Historical Commission took place.

A three-year lease of the Keystone school building to the Keystone Area Historical Society was approved by the board.

The board voted to move the July 17 meeting so trustees can attend an elected officials workshop.

A donation of $500 to the Pe Sla Youth Day was approved by the board. The event takes place June 19 in Keystone.

The next meeting of the Keystone town board will be July 24 at 9 a.m.