BID board hopes work to start on projects before winter

By Gray Hughes


The Hill City Business Improvement District Board (BID Board) met Thursday, June 27. During the meeting, the board held further discussion on the design of Hill City Senior Center renovations as well as the paving project.

The updated plans presented by Buzz Grover, BID board project manager, remained relatively the same. However, he presented the board plans for the exterior of the building.

The main entry to the building that he presented, which will be in a different location than the current entry, had a “western store front” entry to match the overall mood of Hill City.

The entry would be an eight-foot entry into the building and would be covered, as well.

“We want the siding on the building to be relatively maintenance-free,” Grover said.

Chuck Voorhees, BID board member, said he would not recommend using a cement board siding because, in his experience, it is easily damaged by hail.

It doesn’t break, he said, it just receives what he described as “weird divots.”

Donovan Broberg, the architect for the project (not present at the meeting) wants the siding on the senior center to look like the siding that is on the Dollar General store in Hill City, Grover said.

The color scheme for the project was then presented.

The color schemes presented were inspired by Hill City and the surrounding areas. For example, one color scheme was inspired by the Black Hills, another by the 1880 Train and Black Hills Central Railroad — both of which were more muted colors and earth tones — and yet another color scheme was inspired by the historic buildings in Hill City — which was brighter and more vibrant than the others presented.

The more muted colors were preferred by the members of the BID board.

“We should try and avoid bright colors,” said Eileen Hamm, BID board chairwoman.

At that time, the board said the board of Hill City Senior Center should determine the color scheme.

The next portion of the design would be the mechanical aspect, Grover said. A two-inch water line is needed for the senior center. However, all that is needed to truly move ahead to bid would be the mechanical design for the building, Grover added.

“They want to know about the water here,” he said. “But a sewer line is not a problem at all.”

Dale Householder, president of Hill City Senior Center, was present at the meeting and approved of the plans thus far for the project.

Grover then said Broberg said in order to have a successful bid a color scheme for the building should be picked out when the board goes out to bid.

The BID board discussed whether or not it  believed it was a good idea for the senior center to pick out the colors for the building by itself. Their reservations were caused by the fact that, if the color scheme is not the scheme one person wants it might cause resentment by that individual when they look at the building.

“Stick with the earth-tones for now,” said Doug Peters, BID board member.

The BID Board selected the color scheme described as the “canyon” color scheme — a scheme consisting of brown, slate, gray and tan to resemble the Hills.

There was no update to the asphalting portion of the project.

After that, the board reflected on the future of the project.

“I took the last design to the (Hill City Common Council) on Monday (June 24),” said Brett McMacken, city administrator for Hill City. “I wanted to make sure…that all of your hard work wouldn’t hit a wall. I communicated everything to council and there were no big questions. All in all they were supportive.”

Voorhees then asked when the board was thinking about starting construction, proposing October as an option.

McMacken said that Kale McNaboe, city engineer for Hill City, could have the bid documents ready by July, which would then require approval from the common council to go out to bid.

This, he said, would allow for a bid opening in September with the possibility to begin in October, but a “real cost” of the project wouldn’t be available until it is put out to bid.

It’s good to get ahead of winter and start work on the project as early as possible, Hamm said.

The two projects — the senior center remodel and the paving project — would go out as separate items, Grover said. However, they could be done close in time to one another.

While no hard time table was set, the BID board decided not to meet again until the bid documents were ready, most likely in early August.