BID Board to work on specifics soon

By Jeff Smith


Two of the ideas the Business Improvement District (BID) board members in Hill City were thinking about as potential plans  are already off the table. Black Hills Energy was contacted to see how much it would cost to bury the the overhead powerline behind the Boys & Girls Club. The $205,000 price tag for the project made it a non-starter. The plan for having a corridor between Jon Crane Gallery and Mangy Moose Saloon is also not going to happen.

Instead, there is now a greater focus on creating a plan that would incorporate some of the items Vic Alexander presented at the last meeting.

Vic Alexander estimated his entire list would cost $500,000. He thought that everything would take 4-5 years.

BID board member Dennis Krull said they need to prioritize what is going to get done.

Krull said they could list the projects they want to do in five years and ascribe different dollar amounts to each one.

Brett McMacken, city administrator,  said they also need to see if that is an acceptable format for the purposes of presenting the BID project to the city council and the public.

“To make sure we met the state standards,” McMacken said.

McMacken said it makes sense for the group to plan what they want to do, make a list of 12 things and prioritize them.

“Or say we only want to designate $500,000 because that is the only amount that is the only amount we can digest or yield with whatever revenue is coming in,” McMacken said.

His main point throughout the meeting was the board needs to nail down what they want to create.

The plan of expanding the Hill City Senior Citizens Center is still in motion too. There is a possibility of grants for some of the work to be completed at the center but the board members also want help from the BID.

Dale Householder, president of the Hill City Senior Center board, said the plan is to make the senior citizens building into more of a community center. He would like to turn the kitchen into more of a certified kitchen where people can come in and make jams or jellies for bake sales. The plans for the senior center renovation are conceptual with the senior center right now. There are three main goals that the center wants to achieve. The first is to enlarge the kitchen. They also want to increase storage space and meeting space.

“We’re hoping to get help because we don’t have the money to do that,” Householder said.

Householder was asked how the renovations would improve business in Hill City.

“This is more of an aesthetics improval for Hill City as a community. It opens up so many things,” Householder said.

He said it also allows for the BID Board to have a project.

He also spoke about the possibility of holding community education classes there and there would be another place to hold meetings once it is renovated.

A new entrance on the back of the Hill City Senior Center would fix the ADA issues.

McMacken gave a rundown of what has to happen next.

“You have to define what you’re doing and then assign a dollar amount to it,” McMacken said.

The board also needs to talk about the funding mechanism and how to generate the revenue to pay for the project.