Chute Roosters owner to introduce new items

By Jeff Smith

Aleaha Ghere, the new owner of Chute Roosters in Hill City. She has been getting things ready in the building as well as preparing the menu.

Tourists and locals alike are set to rejoice at the re-opening of Chute Roosters. The restaurant has been closed for a year and a half but the new owners are ready to open it back it up.

Derek and Linette Alexander purchased the property last August. Aleaha Ghere will be running the restaurant and will be the head chef to.

As a first-time restaurant owner, Ghere is excited.

Linette Alexander said they are both very excited to have found someone who shares their vision of the historic Chute Rooster

“We have made numerous improvements and renovations,” Alexander said.

“With the addition of Aleah’s culinary skills, experience, and determination, we believe the result will be a great success and wonderful addition to Hill City.”

The restaurant will be serving customers breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be a Sunday brunch that will be A-la-carte.

The menus will also be on the site for the restaurant soon.

The opening day will be on May 3 or 4.

The plan is to stick with the tradition of the past but add in some new favorites.

“We are going to do things like prime rib and ribeyes. We are also going to do local buffalo burgers and local beef burgers,” Ghere said.

Ghere also went to culinary school in Italy so there will be items available like Risotto and fresh pasta .

Chute Roosters has had many different uses throughout the years. It was originally used to separate tin mined locally in the Black Hills. Then it was used as a ranch barn. The place was turned into a restaurant in 1971. It has changed hands several times.

Ghere said as soon as she found the place she fell in love with it. The goal is to at point be a farm-to-table restaurant. Everything served would come from local farms. One day she hopes to have chickens outside of the restaurant.

“I’m going to plant a garden here this summer and we’ll be taking all of the herbs and I hope vegetables,” Ghere said.

Her lifelong goal and dream is to have a self-sustainable restaurant.

Ghere is not sure what to expect but plans to keep things fairly relaxed.

“We’ve done a lot of work so far. Derek and Bunny have done so much work,” Ghere said.

She said it will be like a whole new place once they are done.

Ghere was also the executive chef at Botticelli in Rapid City and at Delmonico Grill. She has been a chef for 11 years and has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years.

“It’s definitely not my first rodeo,” Ghere said.

Her uncle was also a chef and when she wanted a good job at 14 she was given one.

“He started me as a busser at his restaurant,” Ghere said.

She fell in love with the restaurant experience her first day.

Ghere loves food and considers cooking her passion. She also enjoys serving people and meeting new people everyday.

Cooking relaxes her and she feels the restaurant industry is a rewarding one.

Ghere said they will change and progress things around the store every year after the tourism season.  Right now they only have been able to focus on the dining room and kitchen.The kitchen has been tore apart, the equipment is either new or works like new and new floors have been installed.

There will be a classy lounge in the building so people can sit and relax too. The bar area is called W Mill Iron Lounge. They will also make the bar more easy to access.

The Loft upstairs will be used for receptions and private parties. Alexander said this area upstairs will be available for event rentals of all kinds.

“Our daughter-in-law Taryn Alexander, will be the Event Coordinator and is eager to start booking events,” Alexander said.

Chute Roosters will be serving local beer but will still have some domestic options.

“We’re going too be having some great happy hours,” Ghere said.

The plan is to have alcohol specials 3-6 p.m. and then 9-11 p.m. everyday

Ghere said the place will be open year-round but they might not have all three meal times that will be available year-round.

“We’ll definitely do breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekends,” Ghere said.

Mostly private contractors have done the work for the renovations. Some of her friends as well as Derek and Linette’s friends have been helping out too.

“It really makes us feel awesome seeing we can do it ourselves,” Ghere said.

We’re just trying to get some finishing touches on it and it should be good to go.”

There will be fun nights for locals and keep people around town enthused about what the restaurant offers.

Some ideas are to have dollar burger nights and Bloody Mary bars for brunch.She would like to see locals coming in three-four times a week.

Ghere is accepting applications for a variety of different positions. Ghere estimates there are 30 positions left to fill.

Training will begin the week of April 25.