City clerk II to aid Town of Keystone

By Jeff Smith


It was decided on Jan. 3 during the monthly town board meeting that a second city clerk is needed in Keystone.

One of the reasons for this is Vanessa Row, city finance officer, is retiring in December. She started in Keystone in October of 1991.

Another city clerk is going to be trained while the current city clerk, Cassandra Ott, is trained for the finance officer position. It will be a smoother transition for both parties after Row is gone.

Keystone town board president Sandi McLain said that they learned at workshops that when training is provided for a finance officer there is a more satisfactory transition.

Rope lights have also been put up in the gym and some other floodlights are still going to be needed. The rope lights helped in the front area but it was decided the back area was still too dark.

Ott, city clerk, said there are a few rental properties with delinquent utility bills. The property owner is aware of the loophole in the ordinance that states they aren’t responsible for the utility bills at a rental if the renter has taken responsibility to pay the utility bills.

“The property owner is not responsible for the utility bills even if they are delinquent,” Ott said.

The city is having a hard time collecting money since the renters are disappearing. At one time the ordinance was responsible for delinquent payments but changes happened in the ordinance.

“I just knew of a couple utility owners that are not taking utility bills over on purpose because they are not planning on renting out until spring,” Ott said.

This might be an issue hat could be looked at by the ordinance committee that will be newly formed this month. A late fee for the project is around $20 for water plus the sewer fee is $40 a month.

McLain gave a list of volunteers that have signed up for the roller skating nights taking place on Fridays. There are 32 volunteers on the list right now.

The issue with the lights still needed to be addressed and a discipline sheet was created so all of the parents are disciplining the children the same way.

Keystone residents are still needed for the ordinance committee to join McLain, Ott, Row and trustee Justin Moss.

Four people are also going to be on a septic system committee. This committee will be developing proposals for Pennington County to find a way to inspect sewer systems and update some to make them adequate. Right now, no one is inspecting sewer systems.

“The county is going to work with us as long as we come up with an ordinance that is similar to theirs,” McLain said.

She said the county will share information with Keystone then and make sure the sewer systems in Keystone city limits are inspected. The committee will basically increase their communication with the county.

Mike Trike, director of the Senior Citizens Center in Keystone, brought to people’s attention the cabin fever bingo that will be happening on Saturday nights. A free meal will be provided at the Senior Citizens Center at 5:30 p.m. with bingo to start one hour later.

The event will be taking place every Saturday until the first weekend in April.

The Senior Citizens Center has new kitchen equipment that belongs to the center. They are also holding a membership drive at the center. Lunch from the Senior Citizens Center costs $5 unless someone is a member then it is $3 a person. It costs $5 a year for a membership to the Senior Citizens Center.   

“Come support your senior center because that is how they make some of those funds is through those lunches,” Trike said.