Cold? What Cold?

By Leslie Silverman


So I’m almost all the way through my first winter and I cannot believe how many people who were born in the Hills complain about the cold.

As I am writing this it’s a balmy one degree above zero out. It was below zero when I left my house this morning so I see this as a vast improvement.

But to me, it’s not really that cold. To me, it’s cold at 20 degrees, 15 degrees, 10 degrees and close to zero.

I know 0 feels colder than 20, but I just don’t notice it as much. I also don’t hibernate. I texted my friend Julie a few minutes ago. She moved here from Wisconsin, which is arguably way more cold than the Hills.

She said “I’ve been down a little cuz of this weather.”

I was like —what weather? There is fresh snow on the trails, ice to climb in Spearfish. It’s Epsom salt bath season. Not to mention cookie baking time.

Snowmobilers hum through the trees. I get to wear my favorite Baffin boots. And my doggie goes out and immediately gets what I refer to as a cocaine nose job, when she puts her snout (nose) in the powder (snow).

I lived in Minnesota for seven years and if you think it’s cold here you really don’t know cold.

I remember waking up, wind howling, and the feels like being 30 below zero. It was pitch black at 7 a.m. I would look out my window and pray my car would start.

I became an expert windshield scraper. There were days in a row when the highs never reached zero. Winter began in October and if you were lucky ended in April. I saw snow on my birthday in May. More than once!

No, we here have a great short winter season. What’s to follow, mud season, now that I will complain about!


  1. As a North Dakotan , a wintertime temperature of zero feels balmy. However having escaped winter when living in Southern California, I remember feeling freezing at 50. Acclimatization happens…