Cub Scouts collect food for Little White Church pantry

By Jeff Smith

Scouts in Hill City that helped sort out the food on Dec. 9, 2017. Left to right is Noah Doaty, Jameson Disbrow, Max Rupert, Justin Duprey and Luke Rupert. All of the Cub Scouts helped out by giving food to the Little White Church food pantry.

On Dec. 9, cub scouts dropped off food donated by members of the community at the food pantry in Little White Church. There are 27 cub scouts in various dens and the majority of them helped with the project.

A week before the collection day cub scouts went around to area houses to give plastic bags for the donations. Around 250 bags were handed out.

Some of the cub scouts stayed and helped sort the food.  There were many cans and boxes that were shuffled around and then stacked up by the cub scouts.

Carl Doaty Jr., pack trainer in Hill City, said it’s a good service project that helps out the community.

He said this project has happened for at least three years.

“They’re going into the community and it’s staying in the community,” Doaty said.

One of the new coordinators of the food pantry, Dale Householder, said the variety they get through donation drives is nice. He was amazed at the amount of food the Boy Scouts collected.

Doaty said it’s nice to have  more of a personal relationship with the community since it is smaller. There’s also not competition for members among the different packs that there is in large cities.

Right now dens meet at various times of the month. They also meet once a month for a large pack meeting at the Boys & Girls Club. There was some increased interest this year with cub scouts. There are cub scouts in kindergarten to fifth grade.

Doaty said there were five new kindergartners this year.

There will be a Boy Scouts troop started in January. Those who crossed over last year will be able to meet and then once more graduate there will be a bigger group.

Melissa Rupert, cubmaster in Hill City, said it has been a learning experience to be the cubmaster. She is in her first year. Parents have been stepping up to help.

She thinks everything will be bigger next year. Children will see their friends who are doing cub scouts and want to join.

The Cub Scouts usually stay local for trips. Doaty said they plan on doing some more hikes. Hiking has taken place at Custer State Park for the Halloween Hike. Rushmore Cave, Wind Cave and Jewel Cave are future sites they are planning to visit. An older group of cub scouts is thinking about hiking Black Elk Peak soon.

Doaty said the cub scouts also teach life skills like honesty and trustworthiness.

“It teaches them to be helpful, friendly, kind and obedient,” Doaty said.

In addition to the food on the shelves at the food pantry there are winter coats people could get and frozen chicken and beef items in the freezer.

Dale and his wife Susan Householder are the new coordinators of the food pantry at Little White Church.

“There will be some relaxing of restrictions,” Dale said.

He said they are fully stocked right now and if people need any food they should come to the food pantry 9-11 a.m. Monday or Friday.

“Our goal is to serve more people than we are serving now,” Householder said.

He welcomes people to come and try it. There will be a Hillyo event coming up where the residents of Hill City are invited to come to the food pantry.

The food pantry at Little White Church will change locations soon too so people don’t have to go down stairs.

For those who are interested in Cub Scouts and have children that are in kindergarten up to fifth grade, they can contact Melissa Rupert at 574-2537 or e-mail her at [email protected] For those with students sixth grade and up they can contact Carl Doaty at 574-1115.