‘Exactly what I had in mind’: BID Board moves forward with projects

By Gray Hughes


The Hill City BID Board discussed two phases of its ongoing project at its meeting on Thursday. May 2.

At the meeting, the board saw plans for both the plan to pave the area around Hill City Senior Center to create more parking as well as updated plans for the renovations to the senior center. The board started with discussing the paving project.

“We have an ala carte menu for what we can do with the asphalt,” said Brett McMacken, city administrator for Hill City. “One of the core components of this project is paving the alley way.”

McMacken reported to the BID board that Kale McNaboe, Hill City engineer, said the project was “fairly easy” because it is straightforward.

To pave the alleyway has a cost of $80,000.

The BID board had other projects it could select: doing the rear asphalt at the senior center for $30,000, paving the tennis court area for $45,000 and doing the asphalt near the Boys and Girls Club for $60,000.

Overall, the cost of the project with all of the add-ons costs is $215,000.

The BID board focused on the cost of paving the tennis court area.

“When you said the cost for paving the tennis court would be $45,000, I thought ‘oh jeez,’” said Doug Peters, BID board member.

If this is an event area, McMacken said, it needs electricity plug-ins, and  there will be discussion with McNaboe about installing electric pedestals.

An open parking area serves a lot of purposes, Peters says.

Before putting asphalt over the tennis court, the board must see how thick the concrete is in the tennis court, said Buzz Grover, project manager for the BID board.

“I like this idea,” said Dennis Krull, BID board member. “Now we have a starting point.”

Peters agreed, saying he likes this approach to the project because the board is starting with the basics.

However, Peters said the board can expect the estimated cost of the project of $215,000 to go up.

“Conceptually, we are at that number now,” McMacken said.

One good thing about the alleyway, McMacken said, is that the city does not need to do “a lot” other than ensuring the road surface is good.

Peters doubled down on the project, saying he liked the approach of doing the alley, tennis courts and then the Boys and Girls Club.

“This is exactly what I had in mind,” Peters said.

McMacken also said he liked the lighting on the tennis court because it allows  events to be held there at night.

The BID board approved the plan 4-0 to move forward with the paving project.

After that discussion, the BID board viewed updated plans for the senior center.

The previous plans caused “sticker shock” for members of the BID board, but the board was more pleased with the updated plans.

In the updated plans, there is only one 700 square-foot meeting room to go along with the existing senior center building along with a new kitchen and new bathrooms — a men’s and women’s room for the public and a men’s and women’s room for the senior center.

The new plans are expected to cost $400,000.

The previous plans to expand the senior center were estimated to cost $700,000.

The BID board was pleased with the updated cost and design and came to a consensus to bring the design back as an action item at the next BID board meeting to move forward with the project.