Familiar faces now own Krull’s Market

By Jeff Smith

Danielle and Eric Lind, far right, with the rest of the Krull’s Market crew on Jan. 15. The Linds are the new owners of the grocery store and also moved to Hill City.

Danielle and Eric Lind are now at the helm of Krull’s Market, the local grocery store that is open year-round.

“We’ve been praying for a couple of years about how to get our kiddos into the school system,” Danielle said.

Danielle’s parents, Dennis and Kim, owned Krull’s Market for 20 years. Overall, her experience growing up in Hill City led to her wanting to come back. She said she loves the area, the town and the people.

Danielle said she always loved the people when she would work in the store. A lot of the employees are still the same ones that were at the store when Danielle worked at Krull’s Market.

“They have became like family,” Danielle said.

Danielle said it’s wonderful to have the experienced staff that they do.

“The store really runs well because of the experienced staff and employees,” Danielle said.

She enjoys the type of work that comes with owning a store as well as the camaraderie of the employees.

The previous owners were Stacia and Jason Peters. Before owning the store, Jason Peters had been store manager since 1999.

Danielle said they learned a lot from Stacia and Jason and there is still a lot to learn. She said Stacia taught them the program to enable them enough to have control of the store. Danielle said that Jason has 20 years-plus of experience at Krull’s Market and there is no way that they could know everything that he learned yet.

“He did a good job of enabling us enough to learn what we need to do in order to be successful,” Danielle said.

Jason and Stacia are also just a phone call away and are very willing to help. They have both been in to help already. Danielle said her parents have been able to come and help too.

At this point there is nothing that the Linds want to change about the store. They would like to continue doing the great job of running the store the way it has always been.

“We look to keep this grocery store going for this small community,” Danielle said.

Eric said the grocery industry is changing and they need to continue to evolve and do what it takes to be successful in a changing environment.

Danielle said it is terrifying and exciting to be new owners. Overall, they are excited to be in Hill City.

For Danielle, it’s also nice to be back in a place she calls home. She never roamed too far from home, going to Black Hills State University and then moving to Rapid City.

Danielle was previously an office manager for a physical therapist in Rapid City and Eric is an accountant and worked in public practice.

A lot of people have already welcomed Danielle and Eric into the community which Danielle said has been great.

Danielle said she  is looking forward to being involved in the community and the school system. They look forward to attending a lot of Hill City’s sporting and extracurricular events.

“I am a basketball coach so I want to help out as much as I can in basketball,” Danielle said.

She is thinking about helping in the realm of high school basketball but will have to see what happens after the first year of being an owner.