Keystone holds election for single town board member

By Jeff Smith


Two candidates, both with varied experience, are interested in being elected to the Keystone town board on a three year term.

Sandi McLain has been involved with the town board for nine years and is the current town board president.

She decided to run because she believes the community has so much promise. She thinks there is a lot to look forward to for the residents as well as for people with businesses.

Right now she is trying to form an economic development committee.

“We would like a variety of people on that committee, businesses as well as residents,” McLain said.

McLain would like to see businesses stay open throughout the year and the town as a whole to move into a more positive financial situation.

“Our town is not a rich town. We live on only sales tax revenue in the community as well as sales of water and sewer,” McLain said.

It is tough for the town when they have to create the budget out of those revenue sources.

She feels that the town trustees have become more transparent over the years. That is important to her because then the town can know what problems Keystone is facing.

Working together is also important to her and that might be the only way to face the problems Keystone has.

Many times in the past there were disagreements between the citizens and businesspeople and there wasn’t a lot of ideas that were shared.

“I think within the last 10 years they have made that idea of communication a lot better,” McLain said.

Keystone is still trying to create more a community type of atmosphere.

“We can’t be arguing and fighting amongst ourselves,” McLain said.

McLain said Keystone has a wonderful staff. Over the years it has evolved to have a great group of people there.

“They get along together and work together as a team,” McLain said.

She also feels like the staff meets the townspeople needs.

There used to be a lot of fighting and arguing on the town board but it’s not much of an issue anymore.

McLain said she would like to attend to some of the resident’s needs. After the bridges in town are done she would like to work on some special projects that the citizens have talked to her about. The bridge projects are going to be done within two years.

McLain is currently the president of the Keystone Area Historical Society. She is also on the Keystone senior citizens board and a member of the Holy Terror Days Committee.

She said she loves the old school building.

“It’s probably the most well taken care of historical building in the state,” McLain said.

McLain said the community can be better and produce more sales tax revenue.

She would like the community provide more services for the visitors and residents.

McLain would like to see a bank and medical services in the town of Keystone. The idea is that with more services they won’t have to send people out to other communities.

Lynette Gohsman is another resident who has been on the Keystone town board. Her term was for one-year in 2016-2017. She wants to give back and has enjoyed being on the town board in the past.

“I grew up in Keystone. I’ve lived there my whole life,” Gohsman said.

Getting the sewer system up-to-date has been an important project and one that Gohsman was interested in. Water issues in general are concerning to her.

“ We don’t have the right water price or sewer lines that are right,”  Gohsman said.

She thinks the town should try to find something that will benefit everybody in those situations.

She has had people talk to her about the wrong water pipes being used and how to fix that.

Keystone property owners have had issues with renters leaving and not paying their water.

The town board has decided that the landowner she take responsibility for the water bills if a tenant leaves the premises.

Gohsman said that landowners shouldn’t be held totally responsible for the past bills.

“I think there are other ways to get that money back,” Gohsman said.

“I understand their thinking on it but I don’t really agree with that.”

Gohsman enjoys that Keystone is a small community and that it is a tight-knit community.

“We all bind together when there is a problem to resolve it,” Gohsman said.

Gohsman also thinks the parking issues need to be fixed and addressed.

“Everyone should work together and make Keystone a great place to visit,” Gohsman said.

She works at Holy Smoke Resort and is very family-oriented. She lists her family as one of the reasons she has lived in Keystone.

“It’s a good community to raise my community in and I enjoy being in the tourism industry,” Gohsman said.

She said she wants to be a part of making Keystone better.

“I would love for it to be a year-round town and have more visitors throughout the winter,” Gohsman said.

Gohsman said there is a lot more to do in Keystone in than when she was growing up.

But she would like to see more events take place in Keystone.

She would like to take input from both businesses and residents.

Gohsman wants to do what is best for Keystone.

She doesn’t want to  cater to just businesses or to residents but work with them both.

“Right, wrong or otherwise I am going to try to do what is best for this town,” Gohsman said.

In the past, if she was wrong on something she will own it.

The Keystone town board election is on April 10 and residents can vote at the Keystone Community Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.