Keystone Museum to begin repair process

By Jeff Smith


It looks like the Keystone Historical Museum will get some of its foundation problems fixed. The bid that was received from Rapid Foundation Repair was in the amount of $2,895. The town board approved the bid. The money will come from the government buildings fund.

Jeanie Kirkpatrick will be working with the Keystone attorney Mitch Johnson to create a contract so the hired company knows what the city expects.

Sandi McLain said there was three inches of water in a room in the museum at one time. If it is not repaired the water can creep into the museum and be on the recently installed gym floor. In the future there will need to be more repairs.

The museum has two exterior cracks around the building. The plan is to clean out the old caulking inside and then semi self-leveling single component caulking installed.  Overall, there will be 190 ft. of either joints or cracks that will be sealed.

Trinity Rapp, Keystone resident, said that there have been six thefts in Keystone since May. That number could be higher or lower than that since not everything has been reported. Rapp encouraged everyone to be on the look out and report any supspicious activities or thefts to the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office.

There were some high dollar items taken at the end of July. As a reminder for those who travel or live in Keystone, keep doors locked. A lot of it is happening at night.

Robin Scott, Keystone library director,  gave the library report at the meeting. She will have limited hours for awhile and will slowly be extending them. She told the town board that there will be a summer reading party on Aug. 25 and then a Halloween party on Oct.  27. The reading party will be held at the Keystone Community Center from 2-4 p.m. The library board is also looking for a new member.

Temple Estrada, Keystone Chamber of Commerce executive director, said phase I of the Keystone chamber of commerce  website rebuild is done. The address is The goal of the website is to be a one-stop location for anyone coming to the Black Hills.

“We’ll be continually adding content to it,” Estrada said.

Search Engine Optimization is also going to be an ongoing process.

The second portion of the project is a website directed to chamber members. Estrada said it will feature information for businesses and the community that doesn’t need to be shared with those who visit the community. That portion will be put together a lot faster than the first portion. It will also be a separate URL but people will be able to access it through the Visit Keystone website.

The Keystone Chamber of Commerce is also switching over to the ChamberMaster that is a chamber specific management software. It will be integrated into the new website.

The Southern Hills Vacation Guide will also be completely rebuilt. Evergreen Media will be doing the visitor publication in the future.

“We think it will better meet the needs of where the Southern Hills are at right now,” Estrada said.

The goal of the publication is to lure people out of Rapid City so they go into the southern Black Hills.

“It is hard to compete with the Rapid City market when you look at how much money is being spent to get those tourists dollars there,” Estrada said.

Estrada noted that there is a lot of money being left “on the counter” during the shoulder season.

The Keystone chamber took the visitor count at Mt. Rushmore and figured in what the state averages a visitor spends per day, which is $273, Estrada said. When that is compared to the amount of money Keystone receives, there is a  tremendous amount of room to grow in the shoulder season.

The chamber is also in the planning phase for 2019. Next year there will be opportunities to do co-advertising with the State of South Dakota.

“We’ll still do independent advertising but the look, the feel, the areas targeting will all be done in coordination with what the state is doing,” Estrada said.

The partnership will also give Keystone the same buying power as the State of South Dakota.

Two bids were also received for the Keystone Public Works Department projects. One was the Front Street labor and materials to set up and pour valley gutter and pan. It was  approved for $2,857.15. The other one is the labor and materials to set up and pour valley gutter on Cemetery Road.  This was approved for $1,836.74. The money for the repairs will come out of the street improvement fund.