Keystone talks sign, bridges and cemetery

By Jeff Smith


The first Keystone town board meeting of the month fell on the first day of August. There was not a lot on the agenda as some of the typical audience members were most likely busy during the peak of the season.

Rick Brandfas, president of the Keystone town board, spoke about the issue with the Dahl’s Chainsaw Art sign. The problem is that an engineer should have worked with the Dahls to get the sign right in the first place.

“The engineer should have signed off that the sign was flood resistant and impact resistant,” Brandfas said.

Vanessa Row, Finance Officer for Keystone, said there was a problem with flooding in 2013 and FEMA told Keystone the sign had to be anchored.

The sign was approved due to the fact that it was anchored.

“My understanding is that it was in the minutes but no one verified if it was anchored,” Row said.

When a sign is in the creek there are some measurements that need to be met in order to have something there. The issue is that it needs to be high enough so water can go through.

Row said the first step might be to go inspect it.

Brandfas talked about the Roy Street bridges project. He said that it might not be wise to apply for a grant on this because a grant could take up to three years to be approved and then they have to wait to use the money.

The plan is to work on the bridges all under the same contract.

“We should just get them done,” Brandfas said.

Keystone received a  Bridge Improvement Grant for the project last fall.  The money was to be used for preliminary engineering.

Keystone is moving ahead on the park board too. There are seven people on the board right now.

Brandfas also attended the Keystone Chamber Mixer on July 31. It was held at the Big Thunder Bar and Grill.

“We are so lucky to have places like this to go,” Brandfas said.

Trinity Rapp, a Keystone resident, said that there was clarification needed in a Prevailer article last month. Her husband Jake Rapp came to the meeting on July 5 to voice his annoyance over the fact that Jerry Przybylski was weed-eating on a holiday.

“My problem was that we were working on a library schedule for Robin (Scott). She had requested to work on July Fourth,” Rapp said.

But then they were told that none of the city had to work. When she saw Przybylski working it seemed unfair.

The issue was not that Przybylski was working but that Scott couldn’t work when she wanted.

Cassandra Ott, the finance officer in training, said there was an audit request due to some different labeling used in the codes for the budget.

Ott said it is just backwards and the auditor would like to see the issue corrected with an audit.

She said the month of January is going to be tough, but if the audit is done, then everything will be straight.

“It hasn’t affected how we function and it will never affect how we function,” Ott said.

Public works superintendent, Jerry Przybylski, said they have had problems with the newly restored well number five. They are going through two filters a day but they are getting it to work. He said the filters are beneficial because there is a lot of stuff not going in the lines.

Well number three has had an air leak which allowed iron in the water. Since there is air in the line it is reading full of water and not air. In order to keep the line fresh they are just running 100 gallons a day there.

All of the Keystone water comes from fractures in the earth. Since there has been so much moisture this year something could have broken beneath the ground or something has gotten plugged and there is not enough water going in the well.

Public works is also going to build up the road in the cemetery to prevent the Keystone Cemetery from being washed out. There needs to be a more solid road in there so plots aren’t washed away either.  The estimated cost for work on the project is $1,800.

The road is usually bladed in the spring and rocks are laid down.

Gold Street in Keystone is in pretty bad shape. Przybylski would like to widen it and resurface the top.

He said they might cement part of it or asphalt part of it. Another problem is that it is so steep there is no place to divert water.

When Highway 40 is torn up, Przybylski said he has first dibs on asphalt trimmings coming off of the road. There won’t be a lot of money spent on that road though because there could be some things done next year to the road that will be inexpensive.

Brandfas said the date for a trustee banquet has been set. It will be Nov. 3 at the Keystone Community Center.

At the meeting, Brandfas said he was working on bids for the food at the banquet. The problem is that a lot of area restaurants will be closed.

“It might open the door for restaurants that will still be open,” Brandfas said.

A total of 43 trustees will be invited to the banquet. Brandfas estimates there could be close to 90 people at the banquet.

“We’re looking forward to doing it for the first time and having a good time, ” Brandfas said.

In executive session the Keystone town board decided to terminate someone’s position on the maintenance department. There is now just one person in the maintenance department for Keystone.