Keystone town board gets back to business

By Jeff Smith


The town of Keystone was awarded a grant of $2,450 from Black Hills Energy to purchase Christmas lights for Keystone. A check presentation with Black Hills Energy representatives will occur in December.

On Oct. 18, it was reported public works employees with Keystone have been cutting trees in Watson Park and firewood is available for anyone who needs it.

Jerry Przybylski, public works superintendent, said his crew has been cleaning up and winterizing the town.

Linda Halley, of Keystone, asked the town board to approve fees to be waived for use of the Keystone Community Center for a Veterans Day ceremony. It was approved for her to hold the event for veterans with no charge for renting the Keystone Community Center.

“Last year was a lot of fun and we are going to try to get something together this year for our vets,” Halley said.

She is thinking there will be a dinner and some dessert.

“Me and my sisters will sing probably,” Halley said.

Halley is looking for volunteers for the event and is also looking for people to bake pies for the event. She is also needing a speaker to come to the event to talk about what life was like in a war or what they did in the Armed Forces.

Sandi McLain, town board president, said they need people to help with the Haunting of Keystone. Roles are available for people who don’t like to scare people.

The goal for the event is $60,000. McLain said after the first weekend they received 20 percent of their goal.

They were expecting a bus of around 100 people to be at the Haunting for the weekend of Oct. 20-22.

The schoolhouse at the Keystone Museum could use some adults there as most of volunteers are children.

Chris Plawman, deputy with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, said the first weekend for the Haunting of Keystone went well. He told the town board not to hesitate to call him if there were any issues during the Haunting.

McLain said she appreciated the presence of the deputies during the Haunting of Keystone as she feels it prevents things from getting out of hand.

Kevin Thom, Pennington County Sheriff, also spoke about the Sturgis Rally, which is an important and busy time for the sheriff’s office.

“This year the Rally  was fairly uneventful from a law enforcement perspective and we’re thankful for that,” Thom said.

Deputies and special part-time deputies wore lime green shirts around town for visibility.

Keystone is one of the four communities that has contracts with Pennington County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services.

Cassandra Ott, city clerk for Keystone, presented the Chamber of Commerce report. Elections were held last month and there is a different board.

Ott read in the statement from Temple Estrada, executive director with the Keystone chamber of commerce, said that they have taken an active part of the Haunting of Keystone and it has been busy.

The Chamber of Commerce has been acting as the Haunting of Keystone information line. Estrada has also been assisting with volunteer coordination, marketing costs and prop making.

During the event she has been helping in the ticket offices.

A large event is also going to be new in Keystone next year. Salem Stanley with Vacation Races is going to be putting on the Mount Rushmore half marathon next year. It is going to be held next September.

The inaugral race is anticipated to bring 2,000 runners and around 3,000 spectators to Keystone. The economic impact is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million.

Bids for a sidewalk project were opened on Oct. 17. One was from French Creek Builders, LLC for $11,632.68 and another one was from Marty Hunsaker Builders, LLC for $10,002.

The bid is for the sidewalks in front of the Community Center. The sidewalks will be made to be ADA compliant and an extension of them will take place.

The next step is accepting a bid. KLJ Engineering would usually do the work for the sidewalk but Row said the city engineer didn’t think it was necessary. There are no engineering fees so Row said they will be saving money on the total cost of the project.