Lions deliver food to those in need

By Jeff Smith

Ethan Euneau and Justin Duprey take a box of food to a resident of Hillyo Manor on Dec. 23. Many contributed to delivering the boxes to those in need of a Christmas dinner.

Food baskets were distributed to area Hill City and Keystone residents on Dec. 23. There were all the necessary ingredients to make a Christmas dinner.

It is a long-standing service project by the Hill City Lions Club; they’ve been at it for 25 years.

The Hill City Lions Club raises money for the food baskets throughout the year. There were 75 food baskets delivered. Eleven food baskets were delivered in Keystone this year.

“You get a good feeling,” said Jay Hendrickson, Lion’s Club member about what he enjoys about the project.

It’s also nice for the Lions when children come to the door of the house.

It was a quick service project but took many hours of planning to do the right way.

The Lions Club also sponsors a fishing derby in May, pays for eye screenings plus eyeglasses and has a food wagon that helps raise money for what they do.

Krull’s Market donated some of the food for the project. They also assembled all of the baskets for Lion’s Club members and others to carry out of the store.

Stacia Peters noted that Krull’s Market played a small part in it and it’s really something that is done through the Lion’s Club.

“They figure out who is need and it’s a huge impact for the community,” said Peters who was helping put together baskets before the Lion’s Club members came at 9 a.m. on Dec. 23.

Peters was thinking 75 families and individuals was actually not as many as usual.

The people who receive the baskets might not have anywhere to go for Christmas dinner. They might not have had as good of a Christmas dinner without the items in the basket.

The best thing in the basket that guarantees people have a good Christmas dinner is the ham.

Peters said it’s also a huge help because those who are helped with the food can then put dollars to use in other areas. This might be bills or Christmas presents.

“I was impressed by how helpful Krull’s was with  putting the baskets together,” said Lions Club member Jeremy Duprey.

Duprey said his favorite part of helping out was the assembly line they created to get the baskets into the Hillyo Manor and witnessing people’s gratefulness for the food.

“I hope it is seen as a blessing,” Duprey said.

He was part of a small group of people at Hillyo Manor that were delivering the baskets. Each person or group of people in the 24-unit complex received a basket.

Boy scouts also helped deliver. Not as many of them were needed this year but Hendrickson said it was nice having them there.

One of the boy scouts there, Ethan Euneau, said the best part was seeing the smiling faces. He has helped out before.

Duprey said Ethan was amazed at how fast everything went into the complex with an assembly line.

The Boy Scouts also sponsor the Lion’s Club so anything the Lion’s Club or Boy Scouts do becomes a concerted effort.