Little people making a big difference!


Participating elementary school students will be looking for jobs at home, in their neighborhoods and around local communities in exchange for a donation to their playground turf fundraiser.

There is currently over 9,000 sq. ft. of unusable playground space and if rain, snow or dew covers the area it becomes muddy and children are not able to use it or play on it. We have an opportunity to change that for many years to come by installing artificial grass on the playground and $40,000 would need to be earned to do so.  The product is made in the USA,  soy based, eco-friendly, virtually maintenance free, conserves water and is clean, safe and durable. Sod or seed, unfortunately, is not a feasible option for many reasons proven over several years.

There are many that would benefit from the improvement of this area including more than 200 elementary students who spend two to three times a day, 40-plus weeks a year in this space. The Boys & Girls Club will also benefit as the space is made available to them. By upgrading this space with synthetic lawn it also falls in line with the city beautification efforts.

Students were sent home with fundraising packets and can start earning on their own. For those whose parents or guardians schedules do not allow, there are groups of parents, grandparents and volunteering mentors who will be encouraging and coaching students through the process. Activities could include but are certainly not limited to raking those pesky pine cones or any yard or lawn work, sweeping sidewalks, hauling trash, poop-scooping,  cleaning windows and then cleaning them again and so much more. Kids can be challenged to read 20 minutes a day, run or exercise three times a week or volunteer elsewhere in exchange for a donation, too. The idea is to challenge your child to do something while learning about good old fashioned values and work ethic.

May 1 marked the beginning of the fundraiser and it will run for three weeks letting the kids finish up just before elementary awards day on Tuesday, May 23. Each grade K-5 will have a prize basket for the top-earning participant and there will be a top prize for the participant who earns the most funds for the project.

Prize baskets will be displayed in classrooms throughout the fundraising dates and should be great motivation.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page Hill City School playground fundraiser for more details, pictures and the current and projected condition of the space. Info will be posted about the proposed product, as well as updates from the kids as they complete odd jobs and projects.

Students will have a hands-on role in bringing a much-needed upgrade to their playground. If you have odd jobs or opportunities for little hands and busy bodies and would like to be a part of the fundraising efforts, please contact Crystal at 605-391-1221.