Longing for spring

By Leslie Silverman


OK so I didn’t think the weather this winter was so bad. And I still feel this way.

But spring — whole ‘nother story! I remarked to my climbing partner  May 8 when it was snowing on my birthday that May has been awful weather-wise.

I remember him saying, “May just started. Give it a chance.” Well I have—we all have—and yep…it stunk!

I feel like it’s been wetter, colder and snowier than winter was. I’m sure I am not alone in that sentiment.

I moved here last May. I was car camping for the first few weeks after my arrival. I can vividly recall being cooped up for days on end in my car, curled up in my sleeping bag reading for hours because it was too wet and cold to do anything else. I can recall hiking trails had sign encouraging visitors to stay away, because the earth was too wet to traipse over.

I remember being so wet walking my dog that I had to change my clothes in broad daylight outside the car because every part of fabric touching my skin was soaked to the core.

I don’t think this year has been any better.

My driveway has a mud puddle so deep that my car smokes after it passes through it. I have overstayed my welcome in coffee shops just to “get out” of the house. I have seen more movies this spring than I have in the last three year combined.

Cold I can handle….but wet…what do you do with it? You can’t hike, climb, mountain bike or kayak.

Trails for skiing and snowmobiling are long closed. Not to mention the fact that I can’t get to said trails anyhow because I took off my snow tires on April 6…a reasonable date I thought!

Last weekend I played tourist — driving around Custer State Park and visiting Mount Rushmore.

The roads were empty, the monument practically deserted. A few days before the famous faces were shrouded in fog and not even visible….a few days after they were closed to the public due to too much snow.

I tried to go in and out of the shops in Hot Springs but it was just too miserable — sitting way too long at yet another coffee shop.

I loved winter, I really did. And if it had stayed winter, with trails and cold and ice I would have been very content. And if it was spring, with flowers and sun and cool temperatures I would be happy. But this wet, cold blahness…yuck!

Prior to climate change, which really isn’t happening anyhow, we used to say April showers bring May flowers. Now we can say May snow, bring June summer soon!