Necrology for 2016


Mark Tyler, of Columbia, S.C., died on Dec. 13, 2015.

Gary D. Curl, 63, Keystone, died on Dec. 23, 2015, in Keystone.

Bernice M. Linde, 87, died on Jan. 6.

James M. Barr, 59, Hill City, died Jan. 31 in Hill City.

Monte L. Brandner, 68, Hill City, died Feb. 5 in Maywood, Ill.

Shirley Kay Fox, 69, formerly of Hill City, died Feb. 8 in Rapid City.

Ronald ‘Cleve’ Wilson, 79, of Columbia Falls, Mont., died Feb. 29 in Columbia Falls.

Thomas A. McKee, 98, Hill City, died March 1 in Hill City.

Jerry Bowden, 82, of Madison, S.D., died March 5 in Madison.

Craig Reid Matthesen, 65, Rapid City, died March 22 in Rapid City.

Sean Alex Shellito, 28, of Tolstoy, S.D., died April 16 in Bowdle, S.D.

Jack McBride, 93, Custer, died April 25 in Custer.

Patricia Hoffman, Wall, died April 26 in Custer.

Amy George, 48, of Arequipa, Peru, died May 5 in Peru.

Evelyn Ferraro, 2, Custer, died May 6.

Andy Burch, 25, Hill City, died May 12 in Hill City.

Franklin Zwetzig, Sr., 80, Keystone, died May 20 in Keystone.

Douglas Wayne Speirs, 71, Rapid City, died May 22 in Spearfish.

Marlen Larson, 90, of Nisland, S.D., died May 23.

Della Litch, 90, formerly of Hill City, died May 27 in Springfield, Mo.

Robert Julian Hanson, 73, Keystone, died June 5 in Keystone.

Christine Marie Voyles, 56, Hill City, died June 11 in Hill City.

William Beaudette, Jr., 76, Hill City, died June 28 in Custer.

Christopher R. Wells, 36, Hill City, died July 1.

Marlon “Mar” Knutson, 63, Keystone, died July 22 in Rapid City.

Dorothy Wenbourne Hartle, 89, Hill City, died July 23.

Bradley Hanson, 62, of White, S.D., died July 29 in White.

Thomas Arthur Craig, 64, Hill City, died Aug. 4.

Walter Miles Gardner, 83, Keystone, died Aug. 17 in Rapid City.

Colleen Rae Harris, 81, formerly of Keystone, died Sept. 3.

Peter J. Russo, 73, Hill City, died Sept. 4 in Rapid City.

Rita K. Strand, 62, Hill City, died Sept. 10.

Kathleen Manny, 75, of Wichita, Kan., died Sept. 11.

“Wildcat” Jim Morrow, formally of Keystone, died in Colorado.

Viola Arlene Grover, 85, Rockerville, died Sept. 20 in Rapid City.

Bill “Willie” Collins, 63, formerly of Hill City, died Sept. 24 in Henderson, Nev.

Charlotte Wylene Compton, 80, Hill City, died Oct. 22 in Custer.

Dallas “Rattlesnake Jake” Dietrich, 68, formerly of Keystone, died Oct. 29 in Rapid City.

Valda Rae Houska, 76, Custer, died Oct. 29.

Brian Donald Colgrove, 29, Hill City, died Nov 7.

Roger Alan Hertz, 60, of Crooks, S.D., died Nov. 19.

Gretchen Bowden, 80, of Madison, S.D., died Dec. 6 in Madison.

Joyce E. Grosvenor, 95, of Ponca, Neb., died Dec. 8 in Ponca.

Gary Lynn Pechota, 67, Hill City, died Dec. 15 in Rapid City.

Jody Morris Lehman, 72, formerly of Keystone, died Dec. 18 in Rochester, Wash.

Gary J. Knutson, 66, died Dec. 22 in Rapid City.

Horace ‘Rags’ Raga, 85, Hill City, died Dec. 23, in Custer.