Performers coming to area and to TV

By Jeff Smith

Harland Allen and Kim Bachman of "Aces & Eights Classic Country Music". They will be one of the performing acts at the “Black Hills Original Music Showcase” .

A one-of-a-kind fundraiser called  “Black Hills Original Music Showcase” will allow spectators to see a wide range of musicians performing their best on Jan. 27 at High Country Guest Ranch. Musicians who might have gotten their start at an open stage event are coming back for a special event.

The event will be a mutual partnership between South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) and the Hill City Arts Council.

The performances on Jan. 27 will be recorded by Crow Ridge Productions for telecast on South Dakota Public Television’s “No Cover No Minimum” series. It will air in March or April of 2018.  It will also be available on the SDPB website and segments will continue to be used by SDPB into the future on Facebook.

A producer for a music showcase show, “No Cover No Minimum” was very excited about the idea and contacted the Arts Council when he heard about what the Hill City Arts Council wanted  to do. The “No Cover No Minimum” series on South Dakota Public Broadcasting began in the 1980s, and after an absence of several years it made a comeback in recent seasons. Ten to 15 years ago there was only a handful of spots to play music in public but the live music scene has exploded in recent years.

Cathy Rost, president of the board of directors for the Hill City Arts Council, said the series usually covers only one band at a time. She felt very honored that SDPB wanted to work with the arts council for the event.

Being able to do the event in Hill City also speaks to the quality musicians that are in the area. Musicians are being specifically invited to play at the show. Some of people are professional musicians and might have played at prestigious venues. The musicians generally come back year after year to the Open Stage event.

“They have been real crowd pleasers and they’re talented people,” Rost said about the musicians.

The line-up will include Steve Thorpe, Paul Larson, Kim Plender, Aces & Eights, Mark Williams, Mike Linderman, Scott Bellew, and Hank and Marianne Fridell.

The full roster of performers is still being finalized.

Some of the performers might draw a new crowd that hasn’t been to an Open Stage event before.

All of the musicians that have been invited will be playing original music. There is a mix of genres that will be represented.

Rost said she can’t thank these people enough for taking time out of their schedule to perform when they could be making money for themselves.

“Their talent is way above free. Every single one of them,” Rost said.

People usually have to show up at an Open Stage event and hope that their favorite performer is there. With this event they are guaranteed to show up.

All the money raised at the event will go back to Hill City. The funds could be used for student scholarships, grants and for the school system needs.

In addition to the music, people will be able to see live television production.

Rost said the people that come will be on TV and be part of the excitement.

They are hoping the event draws a large crowd. Seating will be limited and tickets are $30 per person. High Country’s dinner buffet is also included with the ticket to the show.

“It’s going to be fun, very upbeat,” Rost said.

Usually anywhere between 150 and 225 people show up at the regular Open Stage events. The arts council is hoping some of the favorite musicians will draw a crowd.

“From our past experience the Open Stage regular season events are tremendously popular,” Rost said.

The doors will open at 5:15 p.m on Jan. 27. The High Country Guest Ranch Mexican Fiesta buffet will begin at 5:30 p.m. and the show, emceed by long-time “Open Stage” host Dan Dickey, will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are available through ($34.49 with eventbrite handling fee). Tickets may also be reserved by contacting the Hill City Arts Council office at 605-574-2810 or [email protected]