Planning and zoning deals with changes

By Jeff Smith


There were seven action items on the agenda for the Hill City Planning and Zoning Commission on Feb. 20. Some have been an issue before and others were new to the commission.

Jameson Ogborn, owner of Rapid Towing South in Hill City, brought a request for a conditional use permit to sell used cars from Oct. 16 to April 15 every year. In the summertime there is more of a need for towing rather than used cars sales.

He previously requested a zoning change from C-1 to C-3 on the lot of the mechanic shop.

At a prior meeting, there was a problem with not having parking spaces marked out.

Ogborn has received parcel and building size information from Rapid Maps and drew up a parking plan which was presented to the the planning and zoning commissioners. In the wintertime he has 12 parking spaces for customers. There would be five spots to put used cars in between the shop and the street.

The conditional use permit was approved with the contingency that there is not more than five cars on the lot in the winter time. Dale Householder, chairman of the planning and oning commission, said he still doesn’t want it looking like a used car lot.

“I understand his need to supplement his income in the winter,” Householder said.

The only other problem discussed was how there should be a parking curb at the edge of the hill in front of the car mechanic building to prevent cars from rolling down the hill.

Steve and Jan Johnson applied for lot consolidation for their property on 648 Main St. in Hill City. They own three lots and essentially want one. The consolidated lot will be 1.24 acres. This was approved by the commissioners without much hesitation.

Another one of their requests wasn’t made which was the vacation of a section line on one of their land parcels. The goal was to get the city to vacate the line and remove any restrictions that are there.

The planning and zoning commission recommended against the vacation of the section line.

No access road or utility line would be placed there in the future if the section line was vacated.

Householder said they acted out of the best interest of Hill City. He said it is not a good idea due to the plans of Hill City’s growth and expansion.

Steve Johnson said they want to clean up the property and property line up to an easement.

“I have no plans to build on it,” Johnson said.

“The piece of property is getting cleaner all of the time.”

Another plot of land across from the Comfort Inn and Suites in Hill City was to move forward to an annexation hearing at the meeting but ended up being tabled. Shane Schriner, who owns the land, wanted to change zoning of 11 acres there from low density residential to C-3. County parcels to the south and southwest are also zoned low density residential. Parcels to the east that share the property line are zoned R-1.

Schriner would like to put a hotel on the property in the future.

“We would build down the road. There are no plans for there now,” Schriner said.

He said the hotel would only take up about four acres.

According to the Future Land Use Map that was adopted with the comprehensive plan the parcels were to be developed as residential zoning.

Questions remain on parking and regulations related to a zoning change. Due to the elevation in the area a booster pump would need to be installed to maintain proper water pressure. An existing well will be utilized if the zoning change happens.

Brett McMacken, city administrator, said that there is no obligation of the city to extend other services out. The city has partnered with developers on other projects where there is a direct benefit to a business.

The concern is that the homes in the area would be subject to becoming C-3 in the future. Householder said they would be putting the city at risk with C-3 zoning.

The thought was that it could be zoned as C-3 as long as there is a stipulation that will be a hotel there. Another solution was to have a conditional use permit there which was shot down by Schriner. At the next meeting Schriner could bring a replat request, zoning request and annexation request. The main thing the commission wants to prevent is ending up with 11 acres all C-3 zoning.

A building permit was approved for 435 Main St., Hill City.

Twilight Hills Properties will remodel an existing residential property there so that it can be used as a nightly rental. McMacken said the reason they needed to apply for a building permit was because of headers being installed for windows. There will be new insulation and flooring. The building will also receive an electrical upgrade and plumbing repairs. The renovation won’t change the footprint of the existing building.