Playground fundraiser all wrapped up

By Crystal Wiese (Submitted article)

Hill City Schools superintendent Mike Hanson with Crystal Wiese on Aug. 24. Wiese orchestrated the entire synthetic lawn project.

Good old fashioned values and work ethic was the theme that led to the completion of an outstanding project.

Thank you to the Hill City and Keystone communities for all you have done.  We are grateful for the businesses, groups and individuals willingness to get involved and help by “hiring” the elementary students to do odd jobs in order to raise money for the playground fundraiser.  We were so pleased to see the willingness of so many kids to help out time after time and thankful for the parents and families who got involved and who set such great examples of leadership for their kids. 

Thank you Hill City  School Board of Education for your interest and commitment to the project, and for your $17,000 financial commitment showing the boards desire to play a strong role in this exciting project to benefit the students. The project was a win for everyone involved. Because of local generosity and work ethic we are fortunate to have a $120,000 project completed for a total cumulative cash community investment of just of $55,000.

Because of the very generous contribuitons of equipment time and money from from Bob and Judy Quinn of Quinn construction, ground work preparations were made for the install of the SynLawn product. Thanks to the assistance J&J Asphalt and Dakota Stone the site was ready for install in just a few short days.  Because of  three $5,000 donations from Rushmore Forest Products and the Neiman Family, City of Keystone, and Mt. Rushmore Telephone and Bruce Hanson of Hanson Communications, this project quiclkly too shape. They were followed by other amazing contributions from Heart of the Hills EDC, Hill City Evergreen Garden Club, PIPTO, Tim Johnson and the Ramada Mt Rushmore and Baymont Inn and Suites of Keystone.  There are many other businesses and organizations that helped out in one important way or another and may have been thanked in previous articles. For those of you who may have gone “un-named” please know that without a doubt you have not gone “un-noticed! Thank you to SYNLAWN of South Dakota and Joe Makoutz for their commitment to our project and for patience working with the children and teaching them the value of their presence.

The 12,000 square foot improvement will make an impact for years to come and I hope as you pass by the school playground you are filled with just a little bit of small town pride and leave with a smile.

On Aug. 3, 2017 just over two dozen volunteers, (of which 13 were kids) showed up to help with the synthetic lawn roll out.  Much of the day was spent rolling out the synthetic grass, dry fitting the seams, gluing the seams and trimming around the perimeter.  A handful of others dropped in to help throughout the day. Thank you to all the installers.  The majority of the group put in over eight hours and with those last rays of sun that day those little people saw what a “Big Difference” they had made.