School seeks calendar input

By Kacie Svoboda


At the Hill City School Board meeting on Monday, Feb. 13, the board members discussed the proposed calendars for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. According to superintendent Mike Hanson, the Hill City School District (HCSD) had adopted two calendars at a time for several years now.

Hanson reported that the two calendars follow a “very basic structure.” The 2017-18 school year will run from Aug. 28 until May 23, while 2018-19 classes will begin on Aug. 27 and continue through May 23.

These calendars will be emailed to student families through the Infinite Campus messenger system and will also be available for review via the front page of the HCSD website at A survey link will also be included for stakeholders, who want to provide comments. The board will vote on the two-year calendar structure at their March 20 meeting.

The board approved adding 21 additional workdays to the elementary roof project at the recommendation of the project architect, moving the projected end date to March 27.

In January, the crew was delayed by inclement weather but the 50-degree days of the last two weeks have allowed the workers to make up time.

“The weather recently has been mild, which helps the project move along,” Hanson said. “We are very grateful to our elementary students, faculty and families for cooperating with us during this maintenance update to the elementary school.”

The board approved the addition of an active law enforcement officer membership to the HCSD Fitness Center. This new membership would cost $100 per year, matching the center’s current charge for volunteer firefighters. This rate is $200 less than the annual adult membership to the center and $50 less than the annual membership offered to college students.

“We greatly appreciate the work of our volunteer firefighters and law enforcement officials,” Hanson said. “Aspects of their profession require physical conditioning to meet standards of performance. We are happy to provide our facility and this fee structure to accommodate the needs of their profession.”

Hanson projects that all three of Hill City’s contracted deputies could join the center.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 20 at 6 p.m., due to a conflict with the annual Impact Aid conference.