School to seek out businesses who want to advertise

By Jeff Smith


There were only three school board members at the Aug. 20 school board meeting. This meant some serious items like the partnership with Pennington County on a school resource officer and the approval of the school district’s budget had to be put on hold. At the end of the meeting there was a discussion about having advertisements at Gins’ Gym.  Wade Ginsbach, activities director for Hill City, said Ginsbach thinks it will be kept pretty simple and the whole way around the track railing would be best.

He doesn’t want to clutter the area. To start with, there could be six or so banners with advertisements in the gym. The cost would be around $500 a year. The businesses would be obligated to enter into a three year contract.

The money received for the advertisements would be used for various perks for all athletic departments. Ginsbach noted that there could be some new training equipment or something that every student could use.

He noted that in looking around at other schools it appears Hill City is the only school district that doesn’t have any advertising in their gym. The charges at other districts range from $250 to $1,000.

Dana Foreman with KLJ provided bid specifications for the football field at the meeting.

The plan provides a way how the field can better match into the track better.

“To get that back to meet South Dakota High School Activities Association standards a fair amount of dirt work has to be done,” Foreman said.

The entire area of the track and football field is also in a floodway so dirt can’t be put into a floodway.

He said starting at the south end of the field there is grading that needs to happen.

“Essentially flattening it out and making it the same elevation,” Foreman said.

At the meeting he presented the school board with specifications for the contractor so they know how to grade it, how to place sod, what to do with irrigation and any trenching that has to be done.

One thing that was not included is the cost of the project. School board member Angie Ross said they would want an estimate from KLJ because nobody on the board has the general knowledge of what it should cost.

Preisdent of the school board, Owen Wiederhold, wanted to see if they could get bids for the project at the next school board meeting. Foreman stated that he would wait until December or January.

“If you have it now you are asking them to hold their bid for the next nine months which is pretty far out,” Foreman said.

Contractors are busy now trying to finish their work and there would be a lot of available contractors in January or February.

Foreman anticipates a month of construction and as it is too late into the growing season there isn’t enough time for the project to happen this year. Foreman recommended to start the project once the track season is done. The specifications he gave were for sod since if there was grass seed planted it might not be able to be used for awhile.

Todd Satter, principal of the Hill City Middle School and High School, said he would like the school board to give directive to the high school that the graduation will be in Gins’ Gym.

“I had people already start to campaign for different venues,” Satter said.

He would also like to plan for it already too.

Roxann DuBois, food service director for Hill City, said the summer food program went well.

“We had great numbers for breakfast program and lunch. Breakfast was like frosting on top,” DuBois said.

She was thinking there would be maybe 25 students a day but the lowest she had was 40 in a day.

Dubois also talked about having a culinary arts club.

“I would like to see a club that is focused on culinary creations,” DuBois said.

In the near future, she will be seeking more input from the students to see what they would like to do.

The club would be self-sustaining and separate from what the school district provides for meals.

There could be dues for the club membership and they will possibly do some fundraisers. There is a ton of stuff that students can do in culinary arts and the club could give them another option to look at in the future.