Senior center gifted new roof

By Leslie Silverman

Submitted Photo

A Keystone resident  who wants to remain anonymous paid for the cost to repair the roof of Keystone Senior Center.

“I think that (senior center executive director Mackenzie Swanson) is doing a really good job and I think she’s working really hard,” the donor said, who owns a business in the area. “There are things that need to be done and of course they’re not getting enough money coming in to take care of some of this stuff.”

The construction was done by MH Builders, who contributed its expertise in the repair of the roof.

Upon hearing of the news, Swanson said, “We are so excited that our roof is being fixed. The generosity of our donor and of (Marty Hunsaker, owner of MH Builders) and his crew is truly appreciated. It is wonderful to see members of our community stepping up to the plate to take care of the social club. They are meeting an incredible need and we are blessed to have them.”

The donor listed an article in the Hill City Prevailer as the source of how they learned about the roof repairs needed.

“The only reason I knew this because of a newspaper article I read that kind of outlined some of the things that were wrong with the building so I thought, ‘Well I’ll get my crew that does work for me together and see if they’ll put in some hours and I’ll provide the materials,’” the donor said. “And we’ll just get it done, rather than having to go through all the paperwork of going through a board and going through asking the city for money that sometimes they have and sometimes they don’t. That was the reason. It just needed to be done. It wasn’t that big a deal but if let go it would become a big deal. I saw a need and I filled it.”

“We were happy to do it,” Hunsaker said.

A crew of four, which included Hunsaker’s sons Cache and Chance and as well as Tristan Conca made short work of the repairs, for which senior center board president Jon Veltman is very grateful.

“I’m thankful for the community, for helping out the senior center,” Veltman said. “It’s nice to know that businesses are willing to support the community.”