‘Slime Suite’ delights

By Gray Hughes

SLIME TIME LIVE — Izabella “Bella” Johnson, middle, aids Adrian Voorhees, front, in making slime at Johnson’s “Slime Suite” Saturday, July 20. Johnson likes making slime and wanted to pass her passion on to other kids. By noon Saturday, Johnson had helped 21 kids from all over the Midwest — and one biker — make slime. Scan the photo using the My Black Hills Country App to watch the slime making process. [PN Photo/GRAY HUGHES]

Kids of all ages — and from around the greater Midwest region — were at the Slime Suite located next to the Mangy Moose in Hill City Saturday, July 20.

The tent is the brainchild of Izabella “Bella” Johnson, a 7-year-old from Hill City. The purpose of the Slime Suite? Well, the purpose was simple: to make slime.

“I wanted to open this because I wanted to make slime with kids because I like making slime,” the energetic 7-year-old said. “I want kids to get messy.”

Slime is a material made of water, baking soda, soap, shaving cream and other materials. The resulting product is a stretchy, sticky substance that can be described as a non-Newtonian liquid — in layman’s terms, not quite a liquid, not quite a solid.

Johnson’s slime is clear but participants can add sparkles and beads to their slime while it is being made to customize it.

Slime has become popular with Americas’ youth, experiencing a surge in popularity not seen since the early 2000s. The act of making slime brings together science and a hands-on activity fun for all ages.

That is precisely how Johnson sees it.

“I like to experiment,” Johnson said, who has been making slime since she was 5-years-old. “I like the experience of making things stretch. I like the noise it makes, too. It makes a clicking sound”

According to Johnson’s mother, Sarah Johnson, the Slime Suite had 21 kids — and one biker — come out to the tent on that Saturday.

They plan on coming out one more time this summer, the mother said, although they are not sure when they will do it.

While participating in the slime making at the Slime Suite is free, donations are accepted.

Ultimately, though, their goal is to “make a perfect slime every time” — the Slime Suite’s motto, Johnson said.

“Bella is very enthusiastic about making slime,” Sarah Johnson said.