Time to ‘Hee Haw’ in Keystone

By Leslie Silverman

IS THAT MINNIE PEARL? — Jodi Olson dressed as Minnie Pearl for the Keystone United Church of Christ performance of Hee Haw. [Submitted Photo/JODI OLSON]

The Keystone United Methodist Church will bring a production of Hee Haw to Keystone April 13.

The variety show, which begins with a dinner at 5 p.m., is a fundraiser to send local youth to Placerville Camp. This is the second year in a row that the church will sponsor such an event.

“Over a year ago my sisters and I, we entertain, and we just thought it would be fun to do a variety show,” said Judy Dalton, who is organizing the performance. “We got some acts together and we provided all the food. And it was a pretty big success.”

That show last year raised $2,000, sending seven kids to the camp last summer.

Dalton came up with the idea of “Hee Haw” for this year’s theme.

“I was looking at some skits online and I had seen that some other churches had done it,” she said.

She asked Jodi Olson, one of the church’s fill-in pastors about the idea, and Olson jumped on board. Olson, who is from Custer, stars as Minnie Pearl in the show.

“She made her own dress and everything,” Dalton said.

This year’s event will also feature a basket raffle.

“I’ve asked everybody to just bring a basket or put one together,” Dalton said.

Unlike last year, the meal will be put together by the church.

“We decided to have the church help us with the meal this year,” Dalton said. “It was a lot of work last year because we did everything.”

The meal will be furnished by Kathy and Chuck Little Bull, owners of the Gaslight in Rockerville.

“They’re going to provide lasagna, french bread and salad,” Dalton said. Desserts will be provided by church attendees.

Rehearsals for the production have been occurring since early March, although the group has yet to have a dress rehearsal with the entire cast.

The hour-long production has a set that Dalton, Olson and her husband, Jim, created out of cornfield plastic sheets and appliance boxes.

All of the music was downloaded by Dalton’s husband, Steve. The all-volunteer production features a Hillbilly band from Hill City.

The production is still looking for someone to videotape the show, so that the performance can be seen by people who are homebound, out of state or somehow unable to attend.

Last year’s production was standing room only and drew about 130 people.