Town received no taxes from organization

By Leslie Silverman


Casey McNulty, spokesperson for the Holy Terror Days Association — the group responsible for the popular Haunting event that took place in Keystone for the last nine years — acknowledged the town received no sales tax from the event.

McNulty acknowledged the group, which touted itself as a non-profit but has not produced an IRS form 990 required of all non-profit organizations for tax purposes, has had poor recordkeeping.

“I think everyone here knows how shoddy our books looked when we sent them to the accountant,” McNulty said.

The acknowledgment came at the recent Keystone Town Board meeting in which trustee Kwinn Neff directly asked McNulty about paying taxes to the municipality.

“(Holy Terror Days Association) did not pay any sales tax, no,” McNulty said.

McNulty went on to say that money did not come back to Keystone “in the tax way,” but did come back in “every other way possible.”

McNulty thinks an audit, currently being done by Ketel Thorstenson, could take as long as four months to complete.

“We are still working on an audit,” McNulty said. “We’re back as far as we possibly can. So they’re looking at five years, I think. So as soon as we get that audit done it will be available for everyone to see and you will see that the dollars do go back to Keystone (A total of) $8,000 just last year (went) to the Keystone Historical  Society.”

Neff asked if anyone present at the meeting had seen the check (for $8,000) from Holy Terror Days to the Museum, which is not reflected on the museum’s budget.

“I don’t have it with me today,” McNulty said. “It’s with the accountant. But I can definitely ask him if he could send that over.”

In the meantime, McNulty made it known that the Holy Terror Days Associaton has removed all of the props and costumes from the town museum.

“Everything that was owned by Holy Terror was purchased,” McNulty said. “And it is now out of (the town’s) building.”

McNulty also made it clear that neither Holy Terror Days nor the Haunting will take place this year.

“We also want to make sure that everyone knows that the Haunting is not going to happen this year due to some events that happened it’s just not going to happen,” he said. “And it’s really a disappointment it makes me almost want to cry. I mean that’s nine years of hard work going into that but it’s what’s best right now. Along with that Holy Terror Days will not be happening as well.”

McNulty owns the Holy Terror Days name as a business but he’s not sure if his team is ready to take on that endeavor in the future.