Wine, Brew and BBQ a success

By Gray Hughes


Hill City’s annual Wine, Brew and BBQ has been declared a success by those who organized it.

According to Emily Wheeler, who helps put on the event, this was one of the most successful years ever.

“By all accounts it was the best attended yet, and I think everyone had a great time as I walked around visiting with people,” she said.

This year 31 teams participated in the event, which tied the mark for the most participants, Wheeler said.

An interesting thing done this year was to include a Backyard Rib Fest on Saturday, which pitted teams of amateur barbecuers against one another. This year’s champion of the Backyard Rib Fest was Chad Ronish.

The barbecue celebration started out with Kids Q on Friday, which was done on the lawn of Hill City Senior Center.

There were 16 kids that participated in the event, where kids were able to grill their own hamburgers.

The grilling was done on loaned Green Egg grills from Lincoln Anderson of Aspen Ridge Lawn and Landscape of Rapid City.

“We wanted to get involved,” Anderson said. “So we reached out to see what we could do.”

In addition to the grills, Aspen Ridge Lawn and Landscape also donated grilling utensils such as spatulas and tongs in addition to grill mats.

The main draw, though, was the People’s Choice competition held in Barbecue Alley.

This year, 21 teams participated in the People’s Choice event, according to Wheeler, with Smokin’ Hot Butts coming away the winner.

And then there was the main event: the Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned competition. There were five categories: chicken, ribs, pork, brisket and overall.

The top three in each event with their scores in parentheses are as followed:


Third: B-S BBQ Outlaws (176.5600)

Second: Rub my Rack (177.1544)

First: Scrum Down Smokers (177.7028)


Third: American Heroes BBQ (177.1772)

Second: LaTa-Que (177.7372)

First: Big Daddy’s Backyard BBQ (179.4400)


Third: B-S BBQ Outlaws (176.5600)

Second: LaTa-Que (180.0000)

First: B&B Food Factory (180.0000)


Third: Eggspert BBQ Minnesota (176.5600)

Second: Last Call Heroes BBQ (177.4400)

First: B-S BBQ Outlaws (179.4400)


Third: American Heroes BBQ (692.5368)

Second: Last Call Heroes BBQ (694.8344)

First: B-S BBQ Outlaws (699.9544)

As time goes on Wheeler said organizers will collect feedback from those in the community to see what can be done better each year.

But, from the sounds of it, not too much needs to be done.

Overall, everyone, including those in the Hill City government, seemed pleased with the event.

“I saw more cars parked in spaces than I’ve seen in a long time,” said Kathy Skorzewski, Hill City mayor. “Town was packed, and a lot of locals enjoyed the musical acts. It definitely looks like the event has grown.”