Wrestlers take on Wildcats, Bison; Crusaders

Looking for some help — Drew Hanson looks to his coaches for help as he tries to get out of a hold by Logan DeSersa of Hot Springs. The two battled each other in the 120-pound weight class at the Custer Quadrangular, Thursday, Dec. 12, in Custer. DeSersa went on to defeat Hanson after pinning him in the first round. [PN Photo/CARRIE MOORE]

Custer Quadrangular, Thursday, Jan. 12

Custer 66 Hill City 15
106: Wyatt Dooley (CUS) over Jaxon Johnson (HICI) (Fall 5:24) 113: Kavan Raby (CUS) over Heather Bintliff (HICI) (Fall 0:56) 120: Chance Grill (CUS) over Drew Hanson (HICI) (Fall 3:11) 126: Tyler Arnold (HICI) over Brennan Hanes (CUS) (Dec 12-5) 132: Irail Griffin (CUS) over Javier Meza (HICI) (Fall 3:38) 138: Eli Mines (CUS) over Kalel Worischek (HICI) (Fall 3:54) 145: Levi Mines (CUS) over Cody Homan (HICI) (Fall 1:27) 152: Austin Jones (CUS) over Kollby Houdek (HICI) (Fall 2:14) 160: Forrest Lewis (CUS) over (HICI) (For.) 170: Ashlee Kritenbrink (CUS) over (HICI) (For.) 182: Blake Kainz (CUS) over (HICI) (For.) 195: Aaron Jones (CUS) over Jared Cline (HICI) (Fall 0:49) 220: Ismael Munoz (HICI) over (CUS) (For.) 285: Lissandro Escobar (HICI) over (CUS) (For.) 138 Exhibition: Cody Homan (Hill City) over Elijah Steele (Custer) (Fall 3:19) 138 Exhibition: Derek Dueker (Custer) over Jayden Kruse (Hill City) (Fall 2:38) 182 Exhibition: Willow Stedman (Hill City) over Ashlee Kritenbrink (Custer) (Fall 0:32)

Hot Springs 48 Hill City 36
106: Jaxon Johnson (HICI) over Donnie Abbott (HOSP) (Fall 1:56) 113: Keaton Bissonnette (HOSP) over Heather Bintliff (HICI) (Fall 2:00) 120: Logan DeSersa (HOSP) over Drew Hanson (HICI) (Fall 2:39) 126: Tyler Arnold (HICI) over Steven “Ty” Hancock (HOSP) (Fall 0:34) 132: Kalel Worischek (HICI) over Sam Simunek (HOSP) (Fall 1:09) 138: Cody Homan (HICI) over (HOSP) (For.) 145: Kollby Houdek (HICI) over (HOSP) (For.) 152: Brice Harkless (HOSP) over (HICI) (For.) 160: TeeJay Atwood (HOSP) over (HICI) (For.) 170: Trey Nachtigall (HOSP) over (HICI) (For.) 182: Garrett Heil (HOSP) over Jaspur Stedman (HICI) (Fall 0:38) 195: Caleb Maciejewski (HOSP) over Ismael Munoz (HICI) (Fall 3:29) 220: Lissandro Escobar (HICI) over (HOSP) (For.) 285: Sosa Arneson (HOSP) over (HICI) (For.) Exhibition: 195 Chad Kelso (Hot Springs) over Jared Cline (Hill City) (Fall 1:24)

Hill City 54 Red Cloud 12
106: Jaxon Johnson (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 113: Heather Bintliff (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 120: Drew Hanson (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 126: Tyler Arnold (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 132: Kalel Worischek (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 138: Cody Homan (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 152: Lante Swallow (RCIS) over Kollby Houdek (HICI) (Fall 1:05) 160: Kogen Yamamoto (RCIS) over (HICI) (For.) 182: Jaspur Stedman (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 195: Ismael Munoz (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 220: Lissandro Escobar (HICI) over (RCIS) (For.) 160 Exhibition: Kogen Yamamoto (Red Cloud Indian School) over Jaspur Stedman (Hill City) (Fall 3:25)

Bennett County Invitational Tournament, Saturday, Jan. 14

126 Results
1st Place – Tyler Arnold of Hill City
2nd Place – Nick Preble of Rapid City Central
Tyler Arnold (Hill City) 22-5, So. over Nick Preble (Rapid City Central ) 10-10, 8th. (MD 12-2).

132 Results
1st Place – Kalel Worischek of Hill City
2nd Place – Kurtis Mooney of Bennett County High School
Kalel Worischek (Hill City) 16-10, Jr. over Kurtis Mooney (Bennett County High School) 15-8, So. (Dec 4-3).

195 Results
1st Place – James Nelson of Bennett County High School
2nd Place – Jared Cline of Hill City
James Nelson (Bennett County High School) 18-1, Sr. over Jared Cline (Hill City) 3-7, Fr. (Fall 1:28).
3rd Place – Ismael Munoz of Hill City
4th Place – Eli Huot of Rapid City Stevens
Ismael Munoz (Hill City) 6-10, Jr. over Eli Huot (Rapid City Stevens) 2-2, 8th. (Dec 5-1)

220 Results
3rd Place – Lissandro Escobar of Hill City
4th Place – Nick Blare of Winner
Lissandro Escobar (Hill City) 19-5, Sr. over Nick Blare (Winner) 5-10, Sr. (Fall 2:27).