‘Hearts for Hill City’ meals served

Seniors in Hill City have a new way to get a meal.

Starting Monday, the Hill City Cafe is partnering with Meals on Wheels for Western South Dakota to provide a daily meal for guests 60 and over.

“Thanks go entirely to our awesome partners who have assisted our efforts to make this happen — Meals on Wheels Western South Dakota and the Hill City Cafe — plus vested community individuals and the Hill City Food Pantry supported by Hill City’s four churches,” said Janet Wetovick-Bily, director of the Hill City Chamber of Commerce.

While delivery to seniors’ homes is not available yet, senior citizens may  come to the Hill City Cafe and receive a free meal funded by donations to the project entitled “Hearts for Hill City.” Meals are available from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tips are not included.

Meals on Wheels Western South Dakota is a nonprofit organization which provides hot and frozen meals, important social connection and critical well-being checks for seniors 60 and over in 49 cities and towns throughout Western South Dakota.

This project was born from a conversation where a need for a program like this was mentioned, Wetovick-Bily said.

“We did a bit of research, reached out to the community and thanks to the many generous hearts who have responded, we now have an expanded program which we aptly named Hearts for Hill City,” Wetovick-Bily said. “It’s yet one more example of Hill City’s small town concern, caring and giving.”

Seniors 60 and over may come into the Hill City Cafe and identify that they want to do the Meals on Wheels program, said Jodi Litz, development specialist for Meals on Wheels Western South Daktota.

The meals will be prepared at the Hill City Cafe and will be funded through donations, Litz said.

“We’re thrilled,” she added, “and it’s not an income-based program.”

Wetovick-Bily said the chamber is grateful to  with Meals on Wheels, Patty Houska (who Wetovick-Bily said didn’t hesitate to say yes) and to the Hill City Cafe and to everyone who gave their time to make this happen.

“People like Marcia Benning, Kari Kelting, JoAnn Hoffman, Dale and Susan Householder, Kathy Skorzewski, Mary Larson, Christy Hawthorne, United Way’s director Jamie Toennies and marketing manager Audrea Amstutz Mike and Lesta Turchen, Bob Lowrey and everyone involved with the Hill City Food Pantry,” Wetovick-Bily said.

For more information about the program call Meals on Wheels at 394-6002, Hill City Cafe at 574-4582 or the chamber at 574-2368.

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