Johnson celebrates 100 years of life

Hill City has a new centenarian.

On Feb. 26, Velma Johnson turned 100 years old.

Johnson has lived in Hill City since the 1950s — 1959 to be specific.

She used to run the bus depot in town and took care of the justice of the peace, Mrs. Wedge, who had polio.

The town hasn’t changed too much since she moved here over 60 years ago, she said, just more businesses in town and the sidewalk is not wooden any more.

Her favorite part of Hill City is the people.

“It’s home,” she said. “I feel at home here. Everyone is kind to me.”

She said she hasn’t encountered too many hard parts about living here; however, she still is not a fan of the snow and did not like having to shovel snow.

While she said she doesn’t have any advice for people on how to live to live a long life, Johnson said the people around her in her life have been good and have made her life easier.

“The people of Hill City are just plain good,” she said. “Especially my son. He stands out as kind.”

Please join us at the Prevailer in wishing Mrs. Johnson a happy 100th birthday and may she have many happy years ahead of her.

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