Smyth Automotive now open

Nathan Steele

Smyth Automotive is the newest auto repair shop in Custer and is now open and ready to take care of any of your auto maintenance and repair needs. The shop is located at the junction of Mt. Rushmore Rd. and Hwy. 385. It opened June 1.
“It’s been very busy since I started. It’s been working out really well,” said owner Eric Smyth.
Smyth has nearly 15 years  of experience. He got his automotive certification  through Universal Technical Institute and specializes in Toyotas.
Before starting up his own business, he worked at a variety of places. Most recently he’s worked in Sturgis and at Advanced Automotive in Rapid for the past three years.
Smyth is orignally from Washington State and moved here six years ago with his wife, whose family is from Nemo. They were initially looking for a place to live closer to Rapid, but ended up happy living in Custer after finding a place that was perfect for them and their horses.
“Everything just fell into place,” said Smyth. For securing the shop location, things seemed to fall into place well too.
“I live two miles out of town, and I drive by this place every day. It had been for sale, and I always wanted to start my own thing,” said Smyth.
Smyth Automotive offers a variety of services, and just some of the things he helps customers with are vehicle maintenance, diagnostic and repair, electrical diagnostics, brakes, alignments, as well as tires and tire repair.
“I’m pretty much a full auto repair shop. I do anything and everything,” said Smyth.
At Smyth Automotive, customers can expect quality service and to deal with friendly, fair people.
“I try to give a good atmosphere and make everyone comfortable,” said Smyth. “You don’t usually come into a shop happy. Everybody’s stressed out, and the last thing you want is somebody to be rude to them.”
With Custer being a popular area for visitors from near and far, Smyth gives the same good service to tourists that he does for locals.
“A lot of them are on vacation and are stressed out about getting home. You want to at least give somebody peace of mind,” said Smyth.
And even in the busy summer months, he still makes a point to have availability for the local folks in the area.
“Then you have the locals you have to take care of too. That’s going to be your long-time customer,” said Smyth.
Through the year, he hopes “to get busier and busier” and now, he’s also hired his neighbor’s son to help out at the shop.
And as he gets busier in the future, he said he wants to eventually turn the car wash into two more bays.
Smyth Automotive is open from 8 a.m.  to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

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