Celebrate America!

The United States of America may not seem to be much united as we prepare to celebrate another birthday of its independence from Great Britain on July 4th. Looks can be deceiving because we believe there is a silent majority out there that is fed up at what they see happening in our country today and are ready to celebrate all that is good about America on July 4th. 
Ever since the death of George Floyd on May 25 our nation has seen an unprecedented series of events highlighted by violent, unlawful protests that resulted in stores being looted and burned and calls for police departments to be defunded and disbanned totally. Statues of any historial figure you can imagine have been defaced or toppled and name changes are being proposed to anything connected with slavery or the Confederacy.
What we are seeing is an attempt at the complete rewriting of American history to fit the current liberal narrative of our nation, and we don't like it one bit. As a nation, we are fed up at what the far left and militant organizations are doing to silence free speech in our country. People are afraid to voice any opinions contrary to the Marxist doctrine put forth by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Prominent individuals and corporations are being coerced into marching to the beat of these lawless organizations that threaten to boycott or destroy them if they don't.
This is not the America you and I grew up in and we have had enough. President Trump has designated these anarchists as domestic terrorists, which is what they are. Decent Americans of all non-black color are tired of being called racists if we do not agree with the BLM movement. America is not a racist nation. Quite the contrary.
We welcome people of all races to lawfully join the ranks of 331 million of us in this great melting pot we call America. We just want to raise our families, live our lives and be left alone, whatever color or ethnicity we happen to be. BLM does not seem to be concerned about the endless weekends of black-on-black murders in Chicago or the approximate 3,000 abortions performed every day in our country, The rate of minority abortions is about five times that of white abortions, which should really concern BLM. But these facts don't bother these people at all because they only are heard from when it is a white police officer being accused of killing a black person. How disingenuous. How pathetic.
We are tired of lawlessness and weak and feckless leaders of cities and states that sit back and allow it to happen. It is truly surprising that even in Democrat controlled cities and states the people have not recalled these weak elected officials who have allowed their cities and states to  be destroyed. What is wrong with these people? Why do they put up with this nonsense?
Mount Rushmore National Memorial will be the focus of the July 4th celebration with the President being there July 3rd and speaking before the fireworks display. He is sure to mention the recent Presidential Proclamation he signed making it a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison for anyone destroying a national monument. This comes as some of these radicals are proposing to remove Washington and Jefferson from the memorial because they owned slaves. Roosevelt and Lincoln are next in line.
Gov. Kristi Noem so aptly noted that all people have flaws, but this should not detract from the great accomplishments they made to the betterment of our great nation. Washington commanded Revolutionary War troops and led them to victory over Great Britain. He served as our nation's first president. Jefferson was a noted statesman who penned the Declaration of Independence which says all men are created equal. Now our founding fathers are in need of a presidential decree and federal officers to protect them. How sad. How utterly sad.
We look forward to a few days this week when we can all agree that this is a great nation that deserves to have a wonderful, peaceful, patriotic celebration of its past accomplishments. It will take dedicated leadership to pull us through our current situations with the lingering COVID-19 virus and national unrest. Leadership the likes of which was provided by Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt in the early years of our country.
Happy birthday, America! Long may you provide a safe haven for the rest of the world.

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