Hawthorne brings financial services to Hill City

Gray Hughes

Hill City has a new business that will help deliver financial help.

Christy Hawthorne has brought Edward Jones Investments to Hill City and can be found at Old World Plaza.

Hawthorne’s journey begins like many people who have moved to the Black Hills. Hawthorne is originally from California but — along side her husband and later her kids — she has been visiting the Hills since the early 1990s.

In the summer of 2016, Hawthorne and her husband realized their reasons for not moving here were “excuses,” so the next year they focused on moving to Hill City.

Hawthorne’s husband closed his business and Hawthorne left her teaching job. It was the couple’s Edward Jones financial advisor who guided Hawthorne to joining the company.

“I gave it some thought, and it felt right,” Hawthorne said. “I feel so, so, so blessed we took the leap of faith and moved here.”

With the move to the Hills, Hawthorne said her goal was to have an office in Hill City because she loves the city and understands how important it is to partner with clients to provide financial education and to be a resource for the community.

Before moving to Hill City earlier in the month, though, Hawthorne was hosted in an office in Rapid City.

Now that her office is in the city, though, she feels closer than ever.

“(Being in Rapid City) gave me the opportunity to get my business going and to have the confidence to bring it to Hill City,” she said.

At her office, Hawthorne will offer a full range of investment services — from retirement planning to saving for college.

Her goal, she said, is to provide for everyone’s financial needs.

While Hawthorne’s background is in education rather than financial services, she sees that as a strength.

“I taught high school for 12 years and college for seven years,” she said. “Money is a tricky concept to understand — especially investments — for the average person. My teaching experience help me teach things to people on a level that they will understand.”

So far, her welcome into the Hill City community has been “wonderful,” she said.

Hawthorne said she feels as if she has worked hard to integrate herself into the Hill City community. Even before opening her office in town, Hawthorne has served as president of the Heart of the Hills Economic Development Council and has helped with Scouting in town.

“Hill City is a wonderful town,” she said. “It’s magical and I want to do my part to keep the magic rolling. …I truly have a passion for helping people, and I have the power of amazing firm behind me, which allows me to provide financial services to our community. My door is always open.”

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