Host familes sought for exchange students

How about welcoming an International Exchange Student into your home?
They are fun, respectful and self-reliant. They can join you in your favorite activities, blend into your household (including doing chores) and make you proud with their academic and sporting achievements. The students arrive with their own spending money, medical insurance and enthusiastic gratefulness. They come to America to immerse themselves into their family, school and community.
Last year’s students participated in volleyball, basketball, track and cheerleading.  They were also involved in drama and Spanish club.
Alessia and Cristian, from Italy, volunteered with the Knights of Columbus.  They flipped burgers and manned their tent at the Central States fair.  Csanad, (Hungary), Adel (Czech Republic) and Cristian (Italy) spent a cold October night at Storybook Island handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. This was novel to them as they don’t celebrate Halloween in their countries.
Giulia (Italy) volunteered with her church youth group. Adel is a certified underwater rescue swimmer.  She taught a first aid certification course to many members of the Custer community. Along with enjoying the Black Hills, the students also attended yoga, concerts and enjoyed shopping in our local communities.
There is an urgent need in the Black Hills area for placing exceptional students who will attend  local high schools. There is a rigorous academic and character application process that the students have navigated to be accepted into the exchange program. For example . . .
Ilaria lives in Rome. She is responsible, reliable and determined. Ilaria loves young children. In fact, she volunteers her afternoons tutoring them with their studies. Iliaria just started learning to play tennis and enjoys being active with other sports. She loves dogs and the outdoors. During her quiet time, Ilaria  enjoys baking and reading.
Amina lives in Germany. She is friendly, responsible and respectful.  Amina enjoys boxing, playing guitar and dancing.  She aspires to be a dentist.
Pedro is from Brazil.  He is friendly, helpful and has a sweet temperament. Pedro loves playing soccer, spending time with friends and going to the gym.   
Students can be placed for eight (welcome family), 16 weeks (semester) or 32 weeks (school year).
Families provide a bed, care and support. A family consists of one or more adults (26 or older) in the household. A home can have any age children, no children, be empty nesters or even retired.  A host family will not only make a student’s dream come true, but they will also be enriched by learning a new culture and making a lifelong connection.  The exchange program’s local coordinator will visit with the student and family every month. She is always available to the family, the school and student for any questions or assistance.
Local coordinator Dayna Dick is a former host parent. She has hosted students from Apolda and enjoyed a student from Hungary.  She can be contacted for more information at 605-484-2738 or via email at day

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