New wellness center opens in Hill City

Laura Lindblom
A new chiropractic and wellness center has opened its doors in Hill City, as of Nov. 1. Chiropractor Dave McDonald and his wife, Jennifer, relocated their clinic from Custer to Hill City, simultaneously joining The Wellness Way, a national organization that serves as an alternative to the more mainstream healthcare environment and mindset. 
“We are a network of health restoration clinics that think and act differently to solve health challenges others can’t, and people come to us as a last resort,” Dr. Dave explained. 
Originally from Sioux Falls, Dr. Dave has been practicing in Custer since 2016, but joining The Wellness Way will broaden his practice from exclusively spinal adjustments to include x-rays and a vast array of testing, including blood, urine and stool testing. They needed more room for this than they had at their clinic in Custer, and found a building that suited their needs in Hill City. 
“It has been challenging opening a new office,” Jennifer said, “but with all of the things we are offering, I’m excited to help get people on the road to wellness.” 
“What we do here [affects] me in the things that I do in my free time,” Dr. Dave said. “I work out at the gym knowing it is something everyone should be doing and is important to maintain health. It also has made me more conscientious of what I put in my body, so grocery shopping takes a little longer. Everything we eat or drink affects our physiology either positively or negatively, and knowing this helps me determine what I consume.”
Dr. McDonald will address these issues and more in upcoming classes on inflammation, starting Tuesday, Nov. 7, and continuing every other week.
The Wellness Way organization was founded by Dr. Patrick Flynn more than 20 years ago. Flynn, having discovered as a teenager that the root cause of his neurological and learning challenges were immunological issues, inspired him to take a less-traditional approach to health and wellness. He is called “the hormone whisperer,” and is well-known for his expertise in handling confounding hormonal issues that often go untreated in the traditional healthcare setting.
The Wellness Way has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 50 clinics across the United States as a part of the franchise, and more than 200,000 patients helped over the 23 years since they were founded. Its philosophy of health “is the idea that the human body was not designed for illness and, when properly cared for, can restore its innate ability to heal,” the national website states. 
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Dr. McDonald is now accepting patients to his new clinic. 

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