One more step for flood victims

In case you have been wondering about why it is taking so long for the Aug. 2 flood victims to receive the help they need, wonder no more.
This Friday, Oct. 25, from anytime between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. the 24 identified parties should stop at Custer Lutheran Fellowship Church east of Custer to fill out an application and speak with case managers about their losses due to flooding.
No appointment is necessary, according to Disaster Case Management Supervisor Pastor Pam Power. One of four case managers will assist victims in filling out the paperwork which is necessary to access their individual situations and prioritize assistance. Priority will be based on need with consideration taken into account for vulnerable people like the handicapped or elderly.
The reason this process has been so drawn out is because a Long Term Recovery Group had to be established in order to utilize the nearly $17,000 in flood recovery funds raised. The group now becomes a permanent committee that can be activated due to any future natural disaster events like floods or fires. In other words, a mechanism had to be established to handle these donations fairly and properly.
Committees had to be set up, starting with the executive committee (Jill Kettle chair, Carrie Moore co-chair, Lisa Bausell secretary, Laurie Arthur treasurer), disaster case management committee (Pastor Pam Power), resource development committee (Laurie Arthur chair), volunteer/construction management committee (Bob Reich, Keith Glover co-chairs) , emotional and spiritual care committee (Pastor Neil Magnuson), donation management committee (Donna McConnell chair) and public relations/communication committee (Charley Najacht chair).
There are at least three different grants that are being applied for now. If successful, they will be added to the money already raised and will be used for direct or indirect flood assistance, such as appliance replacement reimbursement or building supplies and materials.
The community came together to raise nearly $17,000 for flood victims following the Aug. 2 flash flood and now that money will soon be put to use to help the 24 families who need it the most. It’s about time they get the assistance they so desperately need to get their lives back in order. 

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