Time to cut China ties

If anything positive comes out of this COVID-19 pandemic tragedy it should be that the United States finally should cut its dependence on China for the vast majority of our goods and services. It should have been the last straw when that country momentarily threatened to cut off the supply of needed medicines to fight the pandemic here and in other countries. They didn’t make any friends over that veiled threat, that is for sure.
Our middle son is senior engineering manager, R&D, for Baxter Healthcare, an international manufacturer and supplier of products such as pharmaceutical injectables like IV and irrigation solutions, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, acute renal therapy, and external and oral syringes. They have plants in the United States and its territories and all around the world, including in China.
The company is concentrating on meeting the demand for their products during this crisis, rather than venturing off into other areas of healthcare needs. Their China plants produce health care products for China and not for any other countries, so there is no interruption or supply shortage elsewhere during this continuing pandemic. In addition, the Deerfield, Ill., based business was wise enough to have obtained U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for their China manufactured products in case they were needed here in America in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. That just makes good business sense.
The Chinese communist regime threatening to withhold needed medicines in this time of pademic crisis should be the last straw. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has introduced a bill that would begin the U.S. “delinking” its economy with communist China. This should be the first step in not only bringing back the manufacture of medications to our country, but many other products as well.
The Chinese regime headed by President Xi Jinping is a brutal one that does not put any value on human rights. It operates several gulags that imprison its political dissidents and Christians. It is these facts that lead some to theorize that the releasing of the COVID-19 virus from a bioweapons lab in the Wuhan Province of China was no accident. The regime would think nothing of sacrificing its own citizens in order to bring economic disaster to the rest of the free world.
The communist regime has vowed to become the number one economy in the world and can only do so by bringing down the present number one economy, that of the United States of America. What better way to do this than by releasing a virus and allowing its citizens to fly and spread it around the world, including to the United States. China, and only China, is responsible for the medical mess the world finds itself in today.
The offshoot of this should be that we bring manufacturing of our consumer products that are “Made in China”  back here to America with “Made in USA” labels instead. Logically, it would seem that every product we buy that is made in China is enhancing their economy at the detriment of our own. It’s time we stop shooting ourselves in the economic foot.

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